Lance Burstyn- President of Krieger Watch Company

Lance Burstyn is one among those gentlemen who aren't on top of some exertions, despite hailing from a family with deep roots and deeper pockets. Grandfathers on either side in hand such noted Miami landmarks because the Haddon Hall building, and therefore the Ritz Plaza building, and Lance grew up learning the ins and outs of Miami’s burgeoning land scene, certifying to several the terribly deals that helped place Miami on the map. Lance’s father, Sam Burstyn, initial came to Miami Beach in 1972 and purchased the Ocean Terrace edifice. He continued shopping for properties that were in neglect, renovating and developing several of Miami’s high properties within the 1970’s and 80’s. It appears like an inevitable step that Lance would sometime continue this real estate legacy.

Lance Burstyn Miami gained recognition for the watch brand among several the foremost recognizable celebrities in sports, amusement, and music, in addition as seasoned watch aficionados. Krieger watch has participated in several native and high-profile national events, like the Super Bowl, the Grammy’s, and therefore the Kentucky Derby. however, even with all the successes and demands of changing into a well-liked luxury complete, Lance has created it a main priority to stay targeted and grounded. though such milestones as accessorizing Alicia Keys with a Krieger for the Super Bowl’s anthem is gratifying, Lance gains a far bigger satisfaction by showing support for additional worthy causes. He welcomes nearly every chance for Krieger to participate in charitable and fundraising events. one in all the foremost recent was sponsoring a poker event for IDF that raised over $250,000 for the Israeli Defense Forces, a company within which Lance’s family has been heavily concerned.

Even with the stress of juggling between building a watch complete and a true estate empire at the same time, Lance welcomes new challenges day after day I strive to remain previous the curve, produce client demand with innovative promoting ways, and invariably push the boundaries by doing what has not been done before. I even have ne'er been one to be glad by Pine Tree Satiating expectations; it’s prodigious them that invigorates me. I’ll still set me excluding the remainder, keep folks’ approximation and creating time for everything, literally.”


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